Employer Overview: The NET and TAP

How it Works

A Competitive Package

The Talent Acquisition PortalĀ® (TAP) is led by the Council of State Administrators of Vocational Rehabilitation and The National Employment Team (NET) in partnership with disABLEDperson, Inc. TAP is an online system which includes both a national talent pool of Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) or approved agency job seekers (candidates) looking for employment and a job posting system for businesses looking to hire individuals with disabilities.

We know that there are options out there, but we are confident that no option is as competitive as the one we offer. All employers who post jobs will have the jobs posted to disabledperson.com which is one of the premier job boards for people with disabilities, and have jobs posted on TAP. By gaining access to this portal through membership, you will not only have jobs posted to two of the premier sites in the country, but have access to disability support through the NET, be able to connect with Vocational Rehabiliation, and participate in virtual hiring events.

How TAP can meet business needs

By partnering with us, you can have jobs posted to disabledperson.com as well as TAP. disabledperson.com will allow you to gain coveted metrics, while TAP will allow you to connect direclty to agencies that serve individuals with disabilities.

TAP offers business the opportunity to post jobs that our community can search, search candidate resumes based on skill sets and geographic availability, capture job metrics, generate compliance reports, interview candidates, have online job fairs, and have their jobs seen by individuals with disabilities throughout the country. Businesses will also benefit from VR Counselors and qualified candidates searching the available opportunities. Small, medium, and large businesses all have the opportunity to receive all the benefits TAP offers through flexible job posting packages, and outreach opportunities.

Understanding the Vocational Rehabilitation Connection

Vocational Rehabilitation serves approximately one million individuals with disabilities per year, and has over 25,000 staff across 80 agencies in all 50 states and U.S. territories. VR offers the largest talent pool of candidates with disabilities in the United States, and the goal is to continue to train and bring on these agencies to work with businesses through TAP, making tapABILITY.org the premier web portal for businesses to hire individuals with disabilities.

TAP is supported by the National Employment Team(The NET) which includes VR Business Consultants in every state, the territories and D.C. who can partner and can provide support services to your business at the national, state and local level.

What makes the NET and TAP unique?

Working together is what makes the NET and TAP unique! You are not just posting a job and hoping someone sees it, you have the support of agencies and teams behind the system supporting their job seekers. As employers, you get access to a centralized talent pool of individuals with disabilities who have self-identified because of their affiliation with VR and other partner organizations who serve individuals with disabilities. Not only this, but employers are able to measure outreach and recruitment through state of the art reporting, while also getting access to the support of VR business consultants. Support services include: pre-employment, recruitment and retention support, staff training on disability awareness and employment laws, diversity program strategies, consultation and technical assistance, financial support, employee assistance, and access to VR at the local, state and national level.

We believe that the most successful way we can experience positive outcomes and hires of individuals with disabilities is through working together. Check out our brochure here to learn more: TAP and the NET

Grow with us

We are looking for businesses who are committed to hiring individuals with disabilities. We understand that there are challenges around the employment of individuals with disabilities, and are looking to partner and support businesses who are committed toward building out effective strategies through the portal.

Businesses will be able to measure the effectiveness of outreach and recruitment of individuals with disabilities, and be able to become leaders in the industry around the hiring of individuals with disabilities. We ask you to grow with us. Job seekers are looking for jobs, and employers are looking for candidates, so we have decided it is best to continue to grow together!


Job Posting, Metrics, and Reports

  • Job metrics available which include: job posts, views, application clicks, and hires.
  • A company compliance report is available for all company jobs posted. The report can be generated on demand monthly, and includes job metrics for all jobs posted by a company.
  • An application click report is available to track which candidates apply to your company jobs.

Proactive Resume Searching

  • "TAP Matching" matches job seekers up to employers, and employers up to candidates.
  • Each employer account allows for recruiter access so that specific job requisitions can be recruited for through the portal.
  • When viewing resumes, recruiters have a direct link to the local VR office of the candidate and the VR Agency's National Employment Team member.

Targeted Outreach and Job Fairs

  • Work with our team who specializes in disability recruitment and can connect you to our network of agencies at the local, state, or national level throughout the country.
  • Online Job fairs available at the local, state, or national level.
  • Job fairs are built into a company TAP account, with built in metrics!

Disability Employment Support

  • The National Employment Team (The NET) is a national team of business consultants ready to work with your team and build out strategies at the local, state, or national level.
  • The NET can support your company through TAP and provide additional services such as: pre-employment, recruitment and retention, and staff training on disability awareness. Learn more about TAP and the NET.
  • Resources available for employers around the topic of disability employment and awareness. Resources available about best practices using TAP to hire individuals with disabilities.
  • Training available around disability employment email us to request more information about training's available.
  • For more information about how the NET can support your company through TAP email: kwest-evans@csavr.org

Get Involved with our Community!


Job Postings

The Talent Acquisition PortalĀ® has an exclusive partnership with disabledperson.com.

With that said, we allow you to post to disabledperson.com and TAP for the same price! We want you to be able to reach the general population of individuals with disabilities as well as those who are part of Vocational Rehabilitation and other agencies that serve individuals with disabilities. You will need to create an account here and your jobs will be posted to both sites!


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In an effort to give as many opportunities to employers and job seekers to make a match, we offer membership to TAP at a very affordable rate for the year in addition to the job postings. Whether your jobs post through a feed, through a compliance company, or you come to the site on your own, you can access all the benefits of TAP through a membership!

When you post a job, you will post the job on disabledperson.com and the job will automatically post to TAP. Your jobs will be seen by the general population of individuals with disabilities as well as individuals through Vocational Rehabilitation and other agencies that serve individuals with disabilities.

While your jobs will be seen in TAP, we offer membership to those who want to connect to our team of business consultants, develop a pipeline, participate in virtual hiring events, communicate directly with job seekers, and access a known talent pool of inviduals with disabilities.

Annual Membership

*Contact us for a very affordable yearly membership to TAP where you can access your jobs and all the benefits on TAP, and participate in one virtual hiring event per annual memberhsip.

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