Business Services: Move Beyond Compliance for the Competitive Edge

We are all about disability employment, and although we are not attorneys or compliance officers, we have built out effective strategies that can support your company around the education, outreach, recruitment, hiring and retention of individuals with disbabilities!

We have listed our services that can help your company with disability employment. We want to partner with you, and support you in your efforts!

Post jobs that reach individuals with disabilities across the country

  • TAP is a closed system for Vocational Rehabilitation and other partner organization that work with job seekers who are individuals with disabilities.
  • Utilize our API which can integrate with any company career site. This allows all applicants to come through your company Applicant Tracking System.
  • Generate Monthly Reports on Demand

  • Whether your company is a federal contractor looking to meet OFCCP data collection requirments or not, TAP provides valuable metrics and reporting.
  • Reports are designed to help your company measure the outreach and recruitment of individuals with disabilities.
  • Monthly compliance reports track: job postings, views, application clicks, and even hires.
  • Reports that track "Applied clicks" include specifically who applied for your jobs through TAP with the ability to follow up with them!
  • Receive support from dedicated staff to provide connections to candidates who apply, and the agency they are supported by.
  • Recruiter Access to Proactive Resume Searches

  • TAP provides your company access to resumes, but also allows you to invite recruiters to participate with a sub account.
  • Search resumes, and reach out directly to candidates or the agency.
  • Resumes can be searches with a semantic search, and saved for recruiter reporting.
  • All outreach is recorded in "Saved Searches", and in a "Discussion" library to measure outreach.
  • Participate in Job Fairs/Hiring Events

  • TAP job fairs are built to track data and outreach metrics, while also giving recruiters access to one on one conversations with our community.
  • Interested in participating in a job fair or hiring event? Contact us at
  • Build out effective strategies together

  • Access the National Employment team at the local, state, or national level to assist your company in developing a strategic plan
  • Build out company awareness around disability employment, with the help of disability experts!
  • We want to learn more about your company to help create the most effective outcomes possible. Feel free to request a business demo.
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